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Are you ready to see your words perfected?

Start by selecting an editing date to upload your document. Remember to indicate how many pages you've got before checking the calendar!

  • Page counts are based on 12pt font, single-spaced documents
  • Title Pages and Reference Pages are not included in total page count
  • Any pages that are submitted beyond what was indicated and paid for will not be edited
Who Is It For?

Our Editing services are for those who already have their document written.

It’s for students who need their essays proofread, or are looking to perfect their grad-school applications. It’s for companies who can’t peel their team from important projects to check for punctuation errors. It’s for businesses who want to create their own content, but don’t have a professional editor on staff.

It’s for anyone and everyone that's looking to improve, polish, and perfect their content.


What Kind of Editing Do You Do?

We guarantee a deep-dive into the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of your piece. We take out sentences that are misplaced or irrelevant and replace them with concise, better-flowing words. We take whichever topic your document is on, and make it sound as good as possible.

Our editors at Write It Right are trained to preform all levels of editing. Though not every document requires a concept-critiquing, comprehensive analysis, we have the capacity to take it there.

What our editors don’t do, however, is fact-checking. We don’t grade your work against a rubric. We won't check your references for accuracy or whether or not they're trustworthy sources.

While we can't promise that you’ll pass your course, or win a new client over, we can guarantee that every sentence is going to be quality material. Your success is our goal, and our editors are excited to help you flourish, one word at a time.


How Does The Scheduling Calendar Work?

Our availability is determined by our daily page capacity. In order to ensure that our editors can dedicate their full attention to your document, we’ve put a cap on how many pages we edit each day. This is largely how we guarantee our same-day return!

After indicating your total page count on the Book Now form, simply choose from the available dates marked on the calendar. You can expect your document returned by email, healthy and ready to go by 11:59pm on the date of your appointment.

How Much Will It Cost?

$15 / page

Write It Right is efficient and affordable! At only $15/page, you can be sure that your documents are going to be well taken care of.

Page counts are determined by single-spaced, 12pt. font formatting.  Title pages, and/or reference pages are not included towards the total page count.

We process payments when you book your appointment.

Can I Reschedule My Appointment?

Don’t think you’ll meet your deadline? No problem!

You have up until two days before your appointment to cancel or reschedule and receive full refund. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, you are eligible for 50% of your payment.

We do not, however, offer refunds for missed appointments. If you schedule your paper for editing, but fail to submit a document and/or cancel your appointment, you can expect to be charged the full amount.

Contact us, or check out our Terms of Service if you want to know more!


Can I Change My Document?

You’re able to change, alter, add and delete your document as many times as you need. From the moment you submit to the day of your appointment, you have free reign of your words!

Simply log in to your account and click on the "Change/View" button under your order. Follow the prompts to upload your new document.

If you happen to accumulate additional pages than your original appointment indicated, we have a window of grace for up to two pages (upon purchase). Please be aware that Write It Right will only edit the pages that have been paid for.

Still have questions? Contact us!

Have More Questions?

Are you unsure if your editing need fits our service criteria? Do you have a document that's over our daily page limit? Are there any other questions we've left unanswered?

Drop us a line! We’ll be happy to work with you.