What Kind of Editing Do You Do?

We guarantee a deep-dive into the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of your piece. We take out sentences that are misplaced or irrelevant and replace them with concise, better-flowing words. We take whichever topic your document is on, and make it sound as good as possible.

Our editors at Write It Right are trained to preform all levels of editing. Though not every document requires a concept-critiquing, comprehensive analysis, we have the capacity to take it there.

What our editors don’t do, however, is fact-checking. We don’t grade your work against a rubric. We won't check your references for accuracy or whether or not they're trustworthy sources.

While we can't promise that you’ll pass your course, or win a new client over, we can guarantee that every sentence is going to be quality material. Your success is our goal, and our editors are excited to help you flourish, one word at a time.