Write It Right

Supporting Small Businesses through Editing, Proofreading, and Quality Assurance Services

Founder, Managing Director

"In a world where virtually everything is communicated through the written word, never underestimate the power of a perfectly worded sentence."

-Caitlin Crozier, Founder and Managing Director

Write It Right: For the Small Business

Write It Right is borne from a passion for perfectly worded sentences. We're here to correct those misplaced apostrophes in your menus, clarify your points in professional reports, and reinforce your sentence structure online. We want to help your business deliver its message effectively, clearly, and mistake-free.

  • For the smaller budgets.  Write It Right is exclusively an editing service, which means you can cut your expensive copywriting costs. No more hiring over-priced services for ground-up content that doesn't even fit your brand.
  • For the smaller payrolls. When you don't want to hire extra staff just to write your copy, Write It Right is here for you. We perform quality assurance on the content that your current staff has written, wherever and whenever you need it.
  • For the smaller timelines. Here, you won't have to make the decision between quality assurance or your deadlines. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround and working within your timeline.

Why Choose Write It Right?


Quick Turnaround
Never miss a deadline again.


Track-Changes Options
Learn from those mistakes.


Peace of Mind
Trust the experts.


Quality Results
Protect your professional reputation.

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Professionally Trained

Whether it be the final touches to your website, a blog post promoting your new product, or a professional project for your clients, your words matter. Yet not every small business has a professional copywriter on staff or the budget to hire freelance.  

Don't let a few simple mistakes damage your professional reputation or the trust and loyalty of your clients and customers. For all the sentences that represent your business, internally and externally, Write It Right is here to help.


Dr Lynne / ND

I am so grateful for Caitlin’s expert eyes on my projects. Not only is she fantastic at catching mistakes that aren’t obvious to me, but she also provided feedback and comments on the flow and structure of the project. I was blown away by how she made her suggestions and it still sounded like MY voice. I will definitely use her for future projects. I strongly recommend her expertise to anyone who wishes to have someone proofread and edit a project all while keeping it cost-effective and affordable.

Dr Lynne ND

Emily Kate Gray / International Business

Write It Right was instrumental in helping me edit reports and papers throughout university. Having a second pair of eyes to make the right adjustments and correct the inconsistencies was paramount to my academic success. Thank you!


Emily Kate Gray
 / International Business, Carleton University

Cassie Earle / CPA, CA

What is striking about Write It Right is not only their attention to detail, but the ability to adapt and deliver, regardless of the subject matter at hand. No matter how complex or technical the subject, my editor preformed with an innate ability to understand the message and transform it in a way that could be easily understood by our clients while maintaining the integrity of the details, resulting in a more effective and valuable report.

Cassie Earle / CPA, CA